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Can I make a particular jewellery within my budget?
There is always a possibility of adjusting budget in any design as long as it does not ruin the soul and heart of the design.So, you can always get the design of your choice within your budget.
At Divine Diamond, we do consider customer satisfaction along with the delivery of right product within customer's budget. For any design, our experts suggest you till what extent you can go with a particular design without compromising the aesthetic sense of it.
So, You would get the design you desire witin the range you specify.
Do you have any products in the price range of Rs.3000 to Rs.6000;
I would like to give a birthday gift.
We have very large collections of pendants and fingerings in this price range
Do you take old gold & diamonds to make a new jewellery?
Yes, We do take old gold and diamonds from customer to make a new jewellery as per customer's choice & requirements.
Do you have any products that can be used as work wear or daily wear?
Work wear calls for no-fuss jewellery that is also stylish and statement making. We are in an age of individualism where personal style overshadows all other aspects of adornment. Every woman should have pieces of jewellery that enhance her personality and go with her lifestyle, her jewellery tells everyone a story of who she is.
So, more significant accessories or jewellery, make a unique statement according to one's personality and dress, like a trendy watch or a beautiful bracelet combined only with a fashionable pair of earrings or just wearing a large pendant with a discreet chain.
What kind of wedding jewellery would you suggest I get?
We have large collection of catalogues for wedding jewellery. We can suggest you designs on the basis of your budget and your likes.
You could choose from elaborate wedding lines embellished with diamonds and many gorgeous coloured gemstones and also from our exclusive range of one-off collectibles, available in many looks inspired from art deco, contemporary floral patterns, neo-geometrics and the ever lasting classics.
Can plain gold look good?
Plain gold is very fashionable and chic this season. Modern shapes and forms in charms, earrings, pendants, neckwear and finger rings comprise the new look. Gold is contemporary with a lot of artistic textures and patterns. Each piece of jewellery is matched to the mood, look and the taste of its patron. Stones add the touch of colour to match or contrast with clothing and fashion.
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