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No gemstone expresses human emotions more powerfully than a diamond
Finding your perfect piece of diamond jewellery is an exhilarating and unique experience. As with any significant purchase, it is important that you make an educated decision.
Divine Diamond Jewellery assures you make that decision right as our products are hand-made with the utmost care which gives them an edge over other machine-made products.
Cut and crafted with utmost care, divine diamonds assures authenticity, stating the caratage, colour and clarity of the stone, to enable you to know exactly what you are paying for.
No gemstone expresses human emotions more powerfully than a diamond and divine transforms these precious stones into breathtaking masterpieces, each unique and splendid in design. When it comes to diamonds at divine diamond you will be spoilt for choice from many collections we have to offer.
Savings Scheme
One of the most lucrative savings schemes that enables you to plan your purchases in advance.
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4C's of Diamond
Light is the element that ignites a diamond's brilliance and fire. Its interplay with each of the 4Cs will help explain why one diamond can appear more beautiful than another.
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Diamond Ring Settings
Whether you're choosing a diamond solitaire, a ring with a number of stones, or an open-work lattice ring in which the diamonds flow along the lines of the setting, the way the stones are held in the setting is an integral part of its design.
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For those who love the romance of a diamond, solitaires are the perfect choice. The most subtle and elegant piece of jewelry, a solitaire is the celebration of royalty.
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